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    SAFFRON GIN BOIGIN CL 70 - Saffron flavoured gin SILVIO CARTA

    Manufacturer: Silvio Carta
    Sardinian saffron makes this excellent product special, thanks to the cold infusion of the pistils and the double distillation of the pure and savory coastal juniper. Bright golden yellow color, it captures the nose with its intense aromatic character of saffron and juniper, Mediterranean scrub and sea, pine forest and resin. Delicate, soft and characteristic sip, unforgettable for its olfactory returns. Excellent product for “Sa Sposa” Insula signature cocktail wich includes 6 cl of Gin Boigin Saffron a mix of 5 cl citrus fruits, a few drops of extra virgin olive oil, 2 cl of albumin, 1 cl of liquid sugar.
    SKU: LQ000087
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    Deep golden yellow.


    Citrus scents are at the forefront and intertwine with notes of Mediterranean scrub,

    together supporting the sweet and silky burst of Sardinian saffron.


    Enveloping and fresh, a silky caress of flavour and fullness on the palate.